Monday, 29 June 2015

Giant balloon love!

We have been having lots of fun over the last month with the introduction of helium filled balloons at our retail store. We've always sold balloons but we can now fill them too :-)

Our favourites are definitely the life sized 'air walker' balloons ... here's some pics of some we have filled over the last few weeks and here's the link to all our air walkers: air walker balloons




While these giant balloons certainly make an impact if you want something smaller we can help too as we have a wide range of foil and latex balloons in stock. We're currently expanding our range so if there is anything specific you're looking for just let us know. 

Here's a few recent additions to our range:




            36" latex balloons                   printed latex balloons


We also now stock the little 5" latex balloons which are great for displays. We've got some in our window at the moment as bunches of grapes which look really cute :0)

plain coloured mini balloons

Here's the link to view our full range of balloons & decorations: shop for decorations  These are all available online and in store.

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