Thursday, 22 January 2015

Fun kids party games - outdoor games

A while ago we asked for some help from our facebook likers to come up with a list of some favourite kids party games - they came up with heaps! We've combined these with some other ideas and hope these will provide some inspiration ....

Here's some ideas for fun outdoor games:

Egg & spoon races
One of our facebook fans Shelley had some great tips: make sure you used hard boiled eggs! I've also played this game with small apples or mandarins as it's a bit easier for younger children.

At my daughters school sports day last year they used potatoes instead of eggs - I saw at least one get stood on so good job they weren't eggs :0)

And some more 'oldies but goodies' are sack races, tug-of-war, wheel-barrow races and '3-legged' races - these are all great fun for all ages.

bags are available to hire from Party & Fun Depot

The flour and cherry/malteser/chocolate game is a favorite of our facebook fan Kelly-Jo. This could of course be played inside but can get very messy! You can find all the instructions a great series of photos here

Treasure Hunts
Can be inside, outside, in the sand pit, at the beach - anywhere really. If you're hiding things in the sand though you might want to hide something other than the actual prizes in case they don't turn up! My daughter went to a party at the beach last year and they had sticks marking out a big square and the kids had to find rocks with red paint on them inside the marked area and could swap those for a prize - I thought that was a great idea.

And if you're having a party at the beach then a sand castle building competition would be lots of fun. Take along some buckets & spades or ask the guests to bring some along - you could have a few prizes - biggest castle, best decorated castle etc. It would also be nice to take along some little windmills or flags to decorate the sand castles.

{image source:}

A water balloon/water pistol fight always scores high on the fun scale but unless you're having a pool party make sure you pop a note on the invites to ask parents to send a change of clothes for the kids!

Pinata are always a hit (ha ha, sorry couldn't resist!) - fill them with lollies, little gifts or confetti

If you're looking for some carnival style games check out this great article on The Ultimate D.I.Y Carnival Theme Party Games

There are also some fun outdoor party games that can be hired. Check out this fun selection we found at Party and Fun Depot These would also be a great idea to hire for a summer wedding reception.

And here's a few other ideas we came across (click the titles for the links)

And how much fun would this be?! (found on pinterest)

I'm sure there are heaps of other really fun outdoor games we have missed off the list so feel free to add a comment and/or link to any others :0)

And check back soon for some ideas for indoor games and musical games.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful party games ideas here. I will be planning a party for my son who is turning 7 this month at NYC venues and I think these games are worth including in that party.

    1. Great to hear you liked the ideas. Hope your son has a fantastic birthday!

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