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7 must have items for your wedding day emergency kit

In this issue of our wedding blog series we have asked Annalise from Little & Sorted to share a few of her tips for what you should pop in your wedding day emergency kit ...

It’s your wedding day and everything is going to be perfect.  Isn’t it? Well, in reality most wedding days do have a few hiccups here and there.  Perhaps it’s a bit windy, and your hair goes a bit crazy for the photos, or you spill your coffee on your gorgeous (and very expensive!) dress.   These little things can be easily fixed by thinking through the possibilities, keeping calm and being prepared.

It's clear that a wedding day emergency kit is a great idea.  But what should you put in them?  We have done the thinking for you - here are our top 7 must have items for your Wedding day emergency kit – and they each have an alternative use:

Lip stick
You will most definitely want to touch up your lipstick before the photos, reception, or even just before the ceremony.  Check with your make-up artist exactly what colour she is using and purchase your own to add to your kit.

Alternative use – With the right shade of lip stick you can use it as a blusher as well if you need a touch up.

Stain Remover
Arguably the most important item in a wedding is the dress, and generally it is white or close to it, so it will be unforgiving if you spill something on it.  And of course – all eyes will be on you!  Having some stain remover wipes on hand means you can wipe away the stain and no one will ever know!

Alternative use – If you don’t end up spilling on your dress, you can use the wipe to clean your shoes too!

Handkerchief or tissues
Both the ceremony and the reception can be emotional events, so it is nice to have a lace handkerchief on hand to wipe away those tears.  Even the groom might have a tear in his eye.  Tissues will also do the trick, but a lace handkerchief is that little bit nicer.

Alternative use - You can also use a handkerchief to blot your face before photos to take away the shine.

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Pain killers
The stress and emotion that weddings bring, often bring with them a headache, which is the last thing you want to spoil your big day.  So having a few painkillers of your choice in your kit are a must. 

Alternative use – if you don’t need them on the day, keep them for the next day.  You might need them!

Comb and bobby pins
Hairspray can hold that gorgeous style in place, but if you are outside and it is blowing a gale, you will be very thankful to have a comb and some bobby pins on hand.

Alternative use – if your zipper pull breaks off, you can use your bobby pin to pull up your zip.  Or they can be used to hold speech cards together.

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Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
You want to look perfect on your wedding day, and parsley stuck in your teeth is not a good look.  So make sure after eating you brush and floss your teeth to make sure you are looking the way the beautiful bride should. You could also use a dental wipe if you don’t want to take your toothbrush and toothpaste along.

Alternative use – your toothbrush can also be used as a eyebrow comb and the toothpaste can be used to get marks off white shoes.

Bottle of water and a straw
Getting married is thirsty work, especially if it is the midst of summer.  Make sure you have water on hand to keep hydrated.  And drink through a straw to keep lipstick intact.

Alternative use – Use the water to wash your hands after touching up make up to make sure you don’t transfer it to your dress.

Other items to consider:

Sewing kit
Earring Backs
Blotter Paper
Hair Ties
Paper Clips
Hand sanitiser
Cotton buds
Hair spray
Nail polish
Nail polish remover
Corsage pins
Black socks
Heal protectors for walking on grass
Spare underwear
Double sided tape
Lint remover brush
Energy drinks
Rescue remedy
Hair ties
Safety Pins

You can always start your wedding day emergency kit off, with a Little and Sorted Wedding Assistant kit.

These cute little kits (RRP $29.95) from  include: 
• 2x Bobby Pins • 1x Earring Back • 2x Safety Pins • 2x Clear Bandaids • 1x Dental Finger Wipe • 1x Dental Floss • 1x Comb • 1x Compact Mirror • 1x Sewing Kit • 1x Sunscreen Sachet • 1x Lace Handkerchief • 1x Stain Remover • 1x Deodorant Wipe.

You can check out more of Little and Sorted’s handy little just in case kits over on their website, facebook page, on Pinterest, Twitter or sign up to their newsletter here


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