Monday, 24 February 2014

What about the grooms favourite things?!

While doing some research for our wedding series I came across this fun pic on Pinterest & it got me thinking about how to include the grooms hobbies/interests/favourite things in your wedding celebrations so I've found a few ideas to share in this issue of our wedding series ....

{image source:}

How about a bespoke buttonhole? I love these ones from Fritts Rosenow. They're based in the US but they do ship internationally.

{image source: Fritts Rosenow}

Cuff links are another easy way to let the groom include their own style. Superheros seem to be a popular choice. Check out these fab ones I found from London Design on Etsy, they've got lots of different designs so pop over & check them out.

{image source: London Design on Etsy}

Or tie pins. These are another Etsy find, from Visiting Cinderella

{image source: Visiting Cinderella}

And don't forget the photos!

{image source:}
And here's one from my wedding album (10 years ago this year!), can you tell my hubby is from Dunedin? 


If you've got any other ideas we would love to hear from you so feel free to add a comment here or stop by our facebook page.

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