Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Googly Eyes!

I got lost today on Pinterest looking at 'googly eyes' to get some ideas for using candy eyeballs which we've just got in stock for Halloween.

Here's some of my favourites which I hope will give you some inspiration:

Monster cupcakes from www.myrecipes.com
Monster cupcakes from hoosierhomemade.com
Eye ball cake pops from www.kidstylejunkie.com - follow the link for the tutorial, shows how to make the eyeballs from ready-to-roll icing if you don't have the candy eyeballs
Monster eyeball truffles from marcicoombs.blogspot.co.nz - click the link to view lots of other fab photos from this amazing Halloween party
Ooey gooey monster eye cookies from lilluna.com (found via www.mamasstyle.com)
Dipped Oreo Monster Cookies from www.cupcakediariesblog.com
I love these cute owl sandwiches with candy eyeballs and carrot noses from fourcornerfoodies.com - follow the link for more healthy Halloween party food ideas

If you feel inspired and need some candy eyeballs feel free to stop by our website

Click the links: white eyeballs; spooky eyeballs
Lots more Halloween products available on our website and plenty of ideas and inspiration on our Halloween pinterest board as well

And if anyone has any more ideas for the eyeballs would love to see them!

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