Monday, 4 February 2013

Summer treats

Well it's not feeling very summery in Auckland today but thought I would take some time out from packing for our upcoming move to share a few more ideas for summer parties.

Butterflies is another fun outdoor theme which works well with a picnic, tea party, afternoon tea on the deck ... here's a few ideas

Here's the pretty butterfly cake I made for my daughters 3rd birthday.

One of the great things about a butterfly theme is you can choose different colours and have fun with the decoration.

Helen from Meridian Coaching reminded me this week how cute butterfly cakes are, here's a pic of my version - these were made for a butterfly tea party fundraiser I hosted for Hospice NZ. We always had these at birthday parties when I was a child so they always bring back fond memories for me :0) I also made some butterfly shaped biscuits - a fun party activity could be getting the kids at the party to decorate them.

Don't forget the caterpillar grapes! My daughter looked at me horrified one night last week when I said if you eat all your dinner you can have some caterpillars for dessert, had to quickly put them together and show her what I meant :0) They are so quick and easy - just push grapes on to toothpicks or bamboo skewers then use icing to attach choc chip eyes (although these ones weren't standing up to the heat too good and the eyes kept sliding off so make sure you don't leave them in the sun!)

If you're having a beach themed party I think these would make great favours. I saw a similar idea with plastic spades but I thought that these bubble spade and forks were really cute ... simply add a few lollies in a cello bag and tie it all together with a ribbon. I found the spades and forks at a local discount store and I've used the sea shell lollies from Pixie Party Supplies

Fruit kebabs are perfect for any summer party. You can either make them up in advance or this could be a fun party activity, either have the fruit pre-cut for younger children then help them create their own fruit 'magic wand' or for older children let them cut out their own shapes using mini cookie cutters. You can also add strawberries, grapes and marshmallows.

A great drink serve at summer parties is pink lemonade in pretty bottles with pink vintage style paper straws (I've used the ones from Pixie Party Supplies). There are heaps of recipes around for pink lemonade - my quick easy version is to add cranberry juice to sparkling lemonade.

Oh and here's a simple little summer time tip I picked up on pinterest ... pop cupcake cases on your iceblock sticks to catch the drips :0) 

And a few other butterfly ideas from pinterest                        

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